Security is a big concern when it comes to the military, and the powers that be have no shortage of impressive, cutting-edge technologies they can call into service to help achieve this goal. We recently wrote about the deployments of dog robots to patrol Tyndall Air Force Base near to Panama City, Florida. Now Travis Air Force Base in California is testing out autonomous drones to help keep the goings-on at the military site away from prying eyes.

“Air bases are expansive installations that can be problematic to secure,” Ido Gur, CEO of Easy Aerial, the company providing the drone solution, told Digital Trends. “Perimeters span many miles and need to be continually patrolled on foot or by vehicle. If a security camera detects a breach or a sensor alarm is triggered, it can take up to 15 minutes for personnel to arrive at the location. Our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) automatically deploy in seconds after an alarm is triggered, and base security can have eyes on the scene within a matter of minutes.”

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