EGV90 Performs Effective Communication Relay and ISR Missions

Easy Aerial’s EGV90 system took center stage in the field for two deployments conducted for two large federal departments to demonstrate concurrent communication relay and ISR capabilities. The EGV90 is tailored to meet the demands of military applications such as mobilized platforms, border patrol, perimeter security, reconnaissance, and maritime operations, simultaneously supporting real-time situational awareness and additional missions. EGV90 is uniquely designed to ensure safe transportation and rapid deployment of the sUAS, during a critical operation where it counts most.

EGV90 with Alba-H at Ft. Stewart, GA

Two Successful Deployments: Department of Defense in Ft Stewart, GA and Department of Justice with Charlotte Fire in NC

Easy Aerial showcased the SAMS-T autonomous tethered drone system, which was specially equipped with an EGV90, the Albatross tethered sUAS, and the Next Vision Raptor EO/IR payload. Both deployments demonstrated similar use cases of EO/IR ISR combined with concurrent communications relays for extended range datalink, supporting the Silvus SC4200 datalink and Thales MBITR // PRC-148.

During the deployment in Fort Stewart, Georgia, Easy Aerial has demonstrated how the SAMS-T Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) and reconnaissance capabilities could be used to create enhanced situational awareness, showing the Albatross’s ability to capture precise details in real-time imaging. Sharing a similar showcase of capabilities, the second deployment catered to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Charlotte Fire department in North Carolina. During this event, the flights highlighted the increased concurrent communication range achieved by using a tethered drone for an enhanced radio line of sight.

EGV90: A Game-Changer for Autonomous Operations

The EGV90’s robustness was a central focus in both deployments as it epitomizes the integration of cutting-edge drone technology with respective operational requirements. The ground unit’s environmental adaptability makes it an ideal candidate for mobilized operations on both land and sea. Integrating the EGV90 into manned and unmanned vehicles and vessels gives warfighters the added range of tactical common operational picture and situational awareness in addition to advanced communication relay without the requirement for human intervention. The EGV90 satisfies key parameters in meeting the demands of military operators seeking an advanced solution for their concurrent communication relay and ISR needs. Easy Aerial continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the tactical military sUAS, modern security and reconnaissance operations, to allow the operators to redefine the definition of what’s feasible.

Check out the video below to see highlights of the EGV90 with the tethered Albatross in action.