The Investigative Police of Chile (PDI) is advancing its surveillance capabilities with Easy Aerial’s Kestrel sUAS. PDI has selected Easy Aerial’s robust military-grade air surveillance drones to equip its National Headquarters Against Robbery and Criminal Focus for improved security and investigative operations.

The acquisition includes Easy Aerial Kestrel drones with integrated GNSS anti-jamming systems and EO/IR capabilities. The Kestrel sUAS is a versatile quadcopter with a top speed of 65 mph and a range of approximately 10 miles. It features a lightweight carbon fiber structure for durability and accommodates modular sensors weighing up to 5 pounds. The drone operates with autonomous takeoff and landing, eliminating manual intervention.

Easy Aerial’s commitment to delivering advanced technology solutions for law enforcement agencies is evident in support of PDI. The integration of Easy Aerial’s Kestrel drones into PDI’s operations makes a direct impact on security and investigative efforts. By equipping its National Headquarters units with these advanced autonomous tools, PDI aims to enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness by keeping an eye in the sky with Easy Aerial autonomous drone technology.

Easy Aerial’s efforts within PDI surveillance operations is another important step towards developing programs for remote deployment of sUAS in Latin America. Capable of being deployed remotely from anywhere in the world, EA drones serve as a cornerstone for surveillance missions where local access is limited. With the utilization of autonomous drones in Chile, Easy Aerial is continuing to expand Drone-in-a-Box technology to make a categorical difference in this part of the world.

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