In the quickly evolving landscape of military technology, Easy Aerial stands out as a uniquely qualified partner for military programs. As a company on the DIU’s Blue List for sUAS’s pre-approved for federal programs, our cutting-edge NDAA compliant EGV (Easy Guard Vehicle) solution has also been carefully designed to cater to the stringent demands of modern military and naval operations. Here’s an inside look at what sets Easy Aerial’s EGV system apart in the field.

Modular Systems, Optimal Design, and Safe Stowage

Easy Aerial’s EGV does more than just ground the drone; it protects the sUAS from natural elements and harsh environments. This ensures safe transportation and operation of EA’s high-tech drones in even the most challenging conditions. Whether for maritime, land operations, UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), or any military vehicle, the EGV’s design has the core technology covered and secure.

The hallmark of Easy Aerial’s EGV system is in its unique modular design. Because drone systems also support a variety of payloads, it is imperative that the EGV ground station is able to stow the drone securely. This guaranteed security from intense, and often mobile, environments is a key factor that makes Easy Aerial’s technology an ideal fit for diverse military programs. Additionally, the EGV’s distinctive flowering mechanic design optimizes volume and allows for efficient and compact stowage, ensuring that valuable space is used effectively. The EGV keeps the sUAS from elemental exposure and creates modality for the system rendering it ready for deployment from any location, at any moments notice.

Precision Landing, Auto Docking, and Unmatched Durability

The EGV ground station, in tandem with its sUAS, incorporates precision landing and auto-docking features into the drone’s autonomous mission. These capabilities enhance operational efficiency and reduce the need for manual intervention, making our solutions a valuable asset in military operations where operators need immediate and accurate data. Military environments are unforgiving, often exposing equipment to off-road terrain, rain, snow, salt-fog, and more. Easy Aerial’s EGV systems are designed to withstand these harsh conditions, allowing them to perform effectively even in the toughest circumstances. Additionally, thanks to data over power interface between the drone and EGV, the system retains zero RF footprint allowing the operating unit to achieve supreme force protection and situational awareness without disclosing their location to adversary forces.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

In hostile and dynamic environments, the need for remote and human-free drone deployment is increasing in high demand. Easy Aerial’s EGV solutions empower military personnel to approach hostile areas with better situational awareness. The ability to deploy drones remotely and without human intervention provides a significant tactical advantage which increases force protection a capabilities and supports the force’s lethality by exposing adversaries from above.

Learn more about Easy Aerial’s EGV solutions and how they are uniquely configured to meet the demands of military programs, offering superior protection, adaptability, and efficiency by visiting us here. The EGV’s robust modular design, integrated precision landing, and remote deployment capabilities make Easy Aerial the ideal partner for modern army and naval operations. Our commitment to providing solutions that excel in even the harshest conditions, such as off-road terrain and hostile environments, ensures that military personnel can rely on our technology for enhanced situational awareness. Easy Aerial is proud to be at the forefront of delivering military solutions that align with the evolving needs of today’s armed forces.

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