As the sUAS market continues to expand, Easy Aerial Inc. is proud to announce a significant leap in our partnership with Exyn Technologies, a leader in LiDAR technology. We are on the cusp of an exciting development, as we complete a large delivery of dozens ExynAeroEA6 drones in response to the growing demand for US-made, NDAA-compliant, self-navigating drones. This article sheds light on our journey to scale production and meet industry demand, taking a closer look at the ExynAeroEA6 and the strides we’ve made.

Meeting Growing Demand

Easy Aerial and Exyn Technologies have joined forces to address the rising need for reliable, self-navigating drones that comply with the stringent requirements of NDAA certification. The demand for such drones has prompted a significant step forward in our collaboration with Exyn Technologies. Our commitment to scaling up production is a response to the growing market interest in US-made drones, particularly those already on the DIU’s Blue List for sUAS’s pre-approved for federal programs.

The ExynEA6 sUAS

The ExynAeroEA6 stands as the latest in drone innovation, boasting exceptional autonomous capabilities. It’s designed to navigate complex and confined spaces with ease, in addition to being fully operational in GNSS-free environments, making it valuable for a wide range of applications, including mining, construction, and even military operations. The ExynAeroEA6 has been designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring its performance even in challenging and harsh environments. Its autonomous flight capabilities, including obstacle avoidance and real-time 3D mapping, set it apart as a solution that streamlines various operations.

Scaling Production

As the demand for the ExynAeroEA6 continues to grow, Easy Aerial is proud to take steps towards scaling up our production capabilities. The next supply of 40 drones, ready to be delivered to Exyn Technologies, is a testament to our dedication to meet the industry’s needs. This development not only showcases our manufacturing prowess but also solidifies our commitment to delivering the highest quality US-made drones.

Industry Impact

The collaborative efforts of Easy Aerial and Exyn Technologies have the potential to significantly impact various industries. Self-navigating drones like the ExynAeroEA6 offer unparalleled efficiency and precision, making them an invaluable asset in fields such as mining. They play a vital role in streamlining operations, increasing safety, and improving data collection, ultimately leading to more effective decision-making. As our partnership with Exyn Technologies continues to evolve, we look forward to further industry transformations driven by the innovative use of the ExynAeroEA6 autonomous drone.


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