Easy Guard Tethered

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Easy Guard Tethered

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Easy Guard Tethered

Easy Guard Tethered ground station has the same features as the EG, with the addition of a 150, 200, or 300 ft. data-over-power (DOP) smart tether-line that supplies constant power and secure two-way communication to the drone throughout the flight. This feature enables unlimited flight time while also transmitting HD video and telemetry, even in extreme weather conditions, and offers precise hovering over the ground station without the need for GPS guidance. As with the EG, EG-T is lightweight and portable and can be deployed from stationary or mobile platforms. The activation and operation are simple and can be performed on-site or from a remote command center.

EG-T is MIL-STD-810G standard certified.

  • Unlimited flight time & < 30 sec deployment

  • Tactical & Portable
  • Fully Autonomous landing & takeoff

  • Rugged & Weather Resistant


Dimensions 1.17m x 1.17m x 0.62m (46” x 46” x 24.5”)
Weight 105 Kg (231.5lb)
Power 2000 W 100-240V AC; Custom DC Options available
Cameras Internal – Drone inspection External – Motion activated
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